Thursday Throwdown Features

  • Thursday Throwdown is The Horse's Axe- Denton's monthly axe throwing competition.
  • Individuals compete to win a champion axe and free entry into the next months competition
  • Each round is slated by the individuals scores from the previous round.
  • Highest scores move on to the next round ending in a final round of the the top two competitors battling it out for the championship.
  • Join us for some axellent competition and a whole lot of fun!
  • Denton Thursday Throwdown entry fee is $15.
  • The Throwdown starts at 8pm and competitors can start arriving at 7:30pm to warm up.
closeup projected target pic

Bullseye Club

  • The Bullseye Club celebrates players who score 60 or more points in a single round of 10 throws during a league or tournament match.
  • Individuals are recognized on wood pucks on the lanes.

Congratulations to our members who joined the Denton bullseye club

Connor Paustian12/2/2160
Justin Palpant12/9/2160
Justin Palpant12/9/2160
Erica Urban12/30/2160
Justin Palpant1/20/2260
Erica Urban1/27/2262
Connor Paustian3/3/2260
Jason Clark3/3/2260
Lois Pickering5/18/2260
Lois Pickering5/18/2260
Erica Urban5/19/2264
Erica Urban7/7/260
Erica Urban7/7/2260
Jason Clark8/10/2260
Sam Voss8/10/2260
Connor Paustian10/6/2262
Connor Paustian10/6/2260